District Director 3


District Director 3
Operation Peer Support, Chairman
Women’s Veteran Group, Chairman

As a Sergeant in the United States Army, Monaca Gilmore served in the military from 2000-2015. Her military occupational specialty was an 88M, transportation instructor, state-side and a 3rd Country National Escort, gunner, in Iraq. She completed a deployment in Iraq from 2005-2006 in which she was injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that caused a traumatic brain injury and blindness. As a retired veteran she continues to be very impactful nationwide bringing awareness to veterans and their families of the services of the Blinded Veterans Association and the Department of Veteran Affairs. Ms. Gilmore is currently the District Director 3 for the Blinded Veterans Association, Chairman of their Operation Peer Support Committee, and Committee Member of the BVA Women’s Group. She enjoys motivational speaking, singing, adaptive sports such as kayaking, golfing, tandem cycling, snow skiing, hiking, and scuba diving. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration, Ms. Gilmore uses her
expertise to advocate for the health and welfare needs of the blinded and visually impaired communities.