District 3 Member of Month Selection Criteria

  1. A veteran member of the Blinded Veteran Association and in Good Standing with Regional Group and BVA.
  2. Influential to veterans of the organization locally and nationally.
  3. Active Member (attends meetings and participates in BVA events locally or nationally).
  4. Contributes to the increase of BVA membership (implementing awareness   of BVA and establishing new members).

All recommendations should include the following:  a brief bio, picture of veteran, and contact information (phone, email, and address).  All recommendations are due by the 20th of the prior month via email to the following address:  pettisgilmore@yahoo.com.

Selection will be made by District Director 3.  Final selection information will be forwarded to our National Officers and to District 3 Regional Groups to be posted on their websites.

All questions can be forwarded to District Director 3 at the following contact:

Monaca Gilmore

Email:  pettisgilmore@yahoo.com

Phone:  252-822-3486