HOME              The Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) Coordinator is  the first contact for referrals for the Blind Rehabilitation Centers, VISOR, VICTORS and BROS Programs as well as some Low Vision Clinics.  They are case managers who has primary responsibility for the coordination of services for visually impaired veterans and their families.  Contact a VIST Coordinator in your area (Below)      Any VA health care facility may make a referral to a Blind Rehabilitation Center . The VIST Coordinator or Social Worker assigned to blind rehabilitation program at the appropriate VA facility prepares the application package and assures that it is forwarded to the VA Medical Center housing a Blind Rehabilitation program.      The application package for the blind rehabilitation center should include the following: 1. A fully completed VA form 10-10 Application for Medical Benefits, the related VA form 10-10M Medical Certificate and History, and VA form 10-1 OF, Financial Worksheet when necessary. 2. A cover letter briefly stating the events leading to the referral. 3. A current and complete physical examination, detailing all conditions that may affect progress in rehabilitation, including a detailed statement of physical capacities and tolerance, as well as pertinent radiology and laboratory reports. 4. A complete ophthalmological report, containing corrected and uncorrected near and distance visual acuities and measurements of peripheral and central visual fields. 5. A social work report, outlining the veteran’s military, family, educational, social, and work history and other relevant information. 6. An audiological report. 7. VA benefits rating sheet. 8. Psychiatric and/or psychological report, if necessary. The application package will be reviewed by the staff at the Blind Rehabilitation Center to determine appropriateness for admission to the blind rehabilitation center.  The veteran and the referring VIST Coordinator or social worker will be informed of the decision.